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Peter Cassidy - 30

"What first drew me to CrossFit was the 'intensity'. Workouts are hard, fast and results driven. I like that. But what's kept me at the CFC box is the 'community'... Read Pete's story here...

Teale Blessington

Absolutely loving this new experience!! Definitely challenging but every session is extremely rewarding! The atmosphere is great, people are friendly and supportive. I can't wait to see where Crossfit at CFC will take me both physically and mentally. Stay tuned! :)... Read more testimonials here

Aprile Marnoch

"I remember asking coach Scott "who is this crossfit aimed at" and he said "you". No way I said. I can't do that. Of course you can. So I gave it a go. And now I'm hooked. My week revolves around which days I crossfit. My kids lives revolve around which days I can crossfit. I still suck at a lot of skills but I have improved on so many - and that feels amazing. But most of all are the amazing friends I have made. We work hard but always manage to have a laugh as well. CFC is the whole package. Love it!"  Read more testimonials here



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Phone: 02 9970 8400

Email: info@CrossFitConditioning.com.au

Location: At Fresh Start Health and Fitness Centre,
Inside Pittwater Sports Centre, 1525 Pittwater Rd, North Narrabeen,

Northern Beaches, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

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