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Kettlebell Workouts

- Sunday, May 25, 2014

For the majority of the population when they wish to start losing weight they immediately adopt an intense cardio program often combined with a starvation diet. The problem with this is you can’t keep doing it forever and it will ultimately result in failure. We need to ensure we are eating well and exercising effectively to ensure maximum calories burnt combined with shorter, more intense bursts of exercise. Kettlebells are a fantastic way of toning up and getting a quick and effective workout in each day.


Kettlebells originated in Russia. This piece of equipment is so effective, easy to use and is a lot easier to store compared to your average home gym equipment. Kettlebell workouts will raise your metabolic rate higher when compared to say a run outdoors. This means that by using Kettlebells, basal metabolic rate can remain elevated for several hours after exercise has ceased which results in more calories burned. i.e you can do your workout and still be burning calories hours after completion versus a run which will only result in a short continuation of calories burned.  


Kettlebells burn calories

A Kettlebell workout can burn up to 400 calories per 20 mins versus walking up a steep hill for 20mins which will only burn around 166, or a 20 min run on a treadmill (at 9.6km/ph) which will burn approx 229 calories.

Kettlebells are available for use in most gyms and you can order them for home use, however it is extremely important that you learn the fundamentals from a qualified professional trainer. Ensure your trainer has done their Kettlebell certification.


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