CrossFit Fundamentals Program

Experienced CrossFitters - Competency Evaluation (1 Session):

If an athlete has done CrossFit at another affiliate they can bypass the Fundamental Program by doing a Competency Evaluation. In this session the athlete will be assessed on their ability to perform the exercises listed below. This is to determine the skill and level of the athlete. Once all movements have been performed with good technique the athlete is free to participate in all CrossFit Conditioning classes. If the athlete is unable to competently perform the movements below they will be asked to complete the Fundamentals Program.

First Timers - Group Fundamentals:

"Fundamentals" is for everyone who is new to Crossfit and must be completed before starting with Crossfit Conditioning. The Fundamentals program covers the core movements of Crossfit. Every athlete is taught and assessed to ensure that they are competent at each movement. Once competent, athletes may participate in the daily WOD  with the rest of the CrossFit Conditioning crew. All sessions begin by preparing the body with flexibility, mobility and corrective exercises. The group will then discuss the technique for each exercise prior to physically completing the movement. The Fundamentals program is run over 4 sessions and athletes can start the sequence at any time. Please note all 4 sessions be must completed.









To start fundamentals email us at or call us on 9970 8400

Session 1:

- Air Squat

- Push Up

- Pull Up

- Sit Up

- Handstand

- Burpee

Session 2:

- Skipping / Dub's

- Kettle Bell Swing

- Toes to Bar

- Front Squat

- Back Squat

- Overhead Squat

Session 3:

- Dead Lift

- Sumo Deadlift High Pull

- Strict Press

- Push Press

- Thruster

- Wall Balls

Session 4:

- Push Jerk

- Split Jerk

- Medicine Ball Cleans

- Barbell Cleans

- Barbell Snatch

Phone: 02 9970 8400


Location: At Fresh Start Health and Fitness Centre,
Inside Pittwater Sports Centre, 1525 Pittwater Rd, North Narrabeen,

Northern Beaches, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.