Testimonials from the CrossFit Conditioning Crew

Richard Price

"No matter what I do in my working day, even if it is unproductive or uneventful, as long as I have been to CrossFit Conditioning I feel like I have achieved something and pushed my self to be a little bit better. The icing on the cake is to do it surrounded by a group of personalities as diverse as their body types, who all share a fun loving, determined, and positive approach to life."

Kate Long

"CrossFit Conditioning has something for everyone. Our CrossFit community has young and not so young, fit and not so fit but each one is here to better themselves. No matter which session you attend you will always be working out with people who impress the pants off you and sometimes you find that you can impress others too. It is all about personal achievement in a great friendly community environment."

Peter Cassidy

"What first drew me to CrossFit was the 'intensity'. Workouts are hard, fast and results driven. I like that. But what's kept me at the CrossFit Conditioning  box is the 'community'. We challenge each other, compete with each other and support each other. Nobody is ever "too fit" and nobody is ever "not fit enough". We are all simply becoming a better version of ourselves.

Twelve months ago - before discovering CrossFit Conditioning - I was bored with exercise and hated training. Last week, our CrossFit Conditioing team beat out 171 other contenders to win the CrossFit South West Smackdown. Without the great coaches and community at CrossFit Conditioing, I'm sure I'd be still watching MTV on a treadmill and wondering why I never get the results I'm after."

Aprile Marnoch

"I remember asking the coach "who is this CrossFit aimed at" and he said "you". No way I said. I can't do that. Of course you can. So I gave it a go. And now I'm hooked. My week revolves around which days I CrossFit. My kids lives revolve around which days I can CrossFit. I still suck at a lot of skills but I have improved on so many - and that feels amazing. But most of all are the amazing friends I have made. We work hard and also to have a laugh as well. Love it!"

Renee Price

"I love CrossFit Conditioning  because I keep surprising myself. I was welcomed into the CrossFit Conditioning family just 11 months ago and at first I was overwhelmed each time I read the workout of the day on the board and wondered 'How will I finish this?' But in the weeks that followed and with the encouragement of my 5.30 morning crew & the quality coaching I was actually crossfitting. And I was hooked. Over the months I've learned things I couldn't have dreamed were possible for me and slowly those encouraging words I've heard others say, I've started saying to myself. It's empowering stuff."

Lisa Bow

"CrossFit Conditioning takes me out of my comfort zone and pushes me to do what I think I cannot. There's always a new goal to reach, I can always do better, I'll never be finished. I like that. Thanks to EVERYONE in my CrossFit Conditioing family for making it a great place to get fit!!"



Leigh Birkett

"Thankyou Freshstart for brining CrossFit into my life!! Once I started I couldn't stop.. I LUV IT!! I am constantly amazed at what my body is capable of & I thank the coaches for their ongoing dedication in showing me the right techniques to achieve these great results. (Or as we say ' my PB'). I have been going to the gym for years & after 9mths of crossfit see more changes in my body and feel fitter than ever. Another bonus is the fantastic people I have met. My CrossFit Conditioing familia. The support & encouragement we give each other is out if this world. I have so much fun with everyone & have definately made friends for life!! Thankyou."


Bron Jones

It's a love hate relationship that is addictive. I love the constant encouragement from everyone at CrossFit Conditioing to achieve new personal bests... Or even just survive the WOD... Thanks guys for making working out fun again!!!!



Ian McDougall

CrossFit has been a revelation for me after a string of injuries made me decide to hang up the footy boots my workouts became very lackluster. I did basic uninspired weights and the odd bit of running but had no need for overly intense workouts. Then a friend suggested CrossFit and I have never looked back the competition style workouts and timed benchmark workouts " the girls" have reignited my passion for hardcore training. So 1 year later I have gone from flirting with triple digits to 90kg and much stronger and fitter than I have ever been. But it doesn't stop there the benefits are not just superficial my flexibility has gone through the roof and my knees no longer crack and hurt from a life of contact sports. So in closing CrossFit is awsome the coaches are great and it is a real community feel everyone enjoys training and gets along brilliantly. Try CrossFit you won't regret it.


Mike Shaw

I'm the laziest athlete I know. I'm sure my footy coaches will confirm this. I looked for every short cut, excuse or alternative I could find. Then I found CrossFit at CrossFit Conditioing. For the first time in my life I wasn't looking for the easy option but looking to push myself. And 2 years later I can only dream of the footy I would have played if I had been this fit back then. Now I'm training to inspire my kids and ensure I can keep up with them. The coaches and community at CrossFit Conditioing have given me the motivation to be the healthiest version of me possible. I still look for the odd short cut here and there, but now, it's called "efficiency of movement".


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