Cost & Next Course Date

For current CFC Members - $125.00

For Non CFC Members - $175.00

Next Course: TBC

Start time - 6:30pm for 6:45pm start

Weight Lifting for CrossFit Athletes

CrossFit Conditioning's Weightlifting course has been designed to give athletes the tools they need to progress their training to the next level. Delivered over 4 x 1 hour sessions, these sessions provide practical exercises and drills to help the beginner and intermediate level CrossFitters master the Olympic lifts known as the Snatch, Clean, and Clean and Jerk, along with their complimentary exercises.

These lifts are a very important components of CrossFit and having an expert coach take you through these movements is a massive advantage.

Course Outline:




Day 3 Clean Progressions:

- Proper setup and grip

- Hang power clean progressions

Day1 Snatch Set up

- Proper setup and grip

- Muscle snatch progressions

- Power snatch progressions

Day 2 Snatch Over Head Work

- Snatch balance

- Heaving snatch balance

- Snatch and snatch complexes

Day 4 Clean & Jerk Progressions Continued:

- Front squat

- Hang clean progressions

- Clean and Jerk complexes

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Location: At Fresh Start Health and Fitness Centre,
Inside Pittwater Sports Centre, 1525 Pittwater Rd, North Narrabeen,

Northern Beaches, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.